thick & creamy crock pot beans

More digging in the cupboard. More dried beans. I still have other beans and legumes in there, and they really go a long way, so I think they might be my main protein for the remainder of the month.

20131010 crock pot beans
This week I did a batch of pinto beans mixed with perruano beans since I only had a small amount of each.

20131010 crock pot beans3
Quick soak (boil 5 minutes, remove from heat, cover and let cool two hours), then drain and rinse.

20131010 crock pot beans4
Added onions this time,

20131010 crock pot beans5
and garlic.

20131010 crock pot beans6
Throw it in the crock pot with lots and lots of olive oil. I turned the crock pot on and just let it cook the onion and garlic flavors into the oil. With a bit of salt, of course.

20131010 crock pot beans7a
Then added the beans, and enough water to cover by 1 to 2 inches. I cooked it on high for about 6 hours.

20131010 crock pot beans8
Now the beans are done, but there’s still a ton of oil and water that hasn’t been absorbed, so…

20131010 crock pot beans9
I ladled out just over 1 C, and used it for a broth in another recipe. Then I continued cooking the beans,

20131010 crock pot beans10
they started breaking down after about an hour.

20131010 crock pot beans11
I stirred them up and they began to get nice and creamy. I cooked them for another hour or so,

20131010 crock pot beans12
and they got really, REALLY thick. At this point, you may want to add more olive oil, and maybe season them (although they’re great plain) and let them cook just a little longer.

20131010 crock pot beans13
Every chip I used to eat these beans was destroyed, it was THAT thick once it was cooled. You’ll have to leave more liquid in if you want to use it for a dip, or just use them hot. Or thin it down with more olive oil, or hot sauce. I ended up adding both olive oil and Frank’s Red Hot Sauce to mine. You could also add a tahini-based nacho sauce. Add them to chili, stuff them in burritos, eat them with a spoon…what’s your favorite way to use pinto beans?

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