joining a cult: pizza

Okay, I finally got to go to Cult Pizza!!!!!! We had a pizza night this weekend and someone else was paying. Since I was the only one eating vegan pizza, it seemed like the perfect time to get pizza by the slice instead of a whole pizza I *could*, but shouldn’t, eat all by myself!

20131015 cult pizza
First of all……

20131015 cult pizza2
do I have to say it?

20131015 cult pizza3
It’s just kind of a cool lookin’ place.

20131015 cult pizza5
I loved the black on black. But I guess the pizza is the most important part…

20131015 cult pizza6
There were two by-the-slice options, and both were vegan. I got one of each – this is the curry kimchee, with ginger, green onions, some unidentifiable stuff, and curry sauce. Also a sprinkling of Daiya cheese.
Now, I asked for these to-go. If you look closely, you will notice this is just on a paper plate, and you can see another slice of pizza peeking out underneath. The whole thing is in my lap since I had to take it in the car, and there was no other way for me to hold it. This is my one complaint, that to-go slices are just put on paper plates and given to you stacked one on top of the other. Why does it matter?

20131015 cult pizza7
Because it’s hot pizza, with sticky cheese. And toppings from the lower slice will stick to the plate above 🙁 But honestly, I just scraped that off the plate when I got home. And. Ate it.

20131015 cult pizza8
As mentioned over at justagrainofsalt, there were lots of bubbles in the relatively thin crust. I actually have always loved the bubbles, I’m not sure why. I kind of wished they were bigger on this pizza. To each her own.

20131015 cult pizza9
And there was SO much pizza!!!!! Each slice is 1/4 of a 16″ pizza, and it’s 4 bucks. Oh, that second pizza…I’m not exactly sure what I even ate since the guy wasn’t totally sure what it was. But. “Red sauce” he called it (marinara, I presume?) with spinach, more Daiya cheese. And then there appeared to be a sort of faux meat, with a kind of sausage-y flavor, possibly made from ground walnuts.

I thought the pizza was great, service was fast on a Saturday evening although the place was filling up – they warmed the slices for me in the oven. And I really just enjoyed sitting in there and looking at everything…black and white, and all kinds of textures. Pretty slick (nevermind the improper use of the Greek letters). I will be returning to Cult Pizza, hopefully with friends. Highly recommended. Check them out on Facebook.

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  1. We have their punch card (so we get one free large pizza per month for a year)…LOVE this stuff! Some of the most unusual combos and the pizza is fantastic! My hubby and I go crazy over the amazing crust. We usually have to fold the pizza over to eat it since the pizza is so heavy with toppings that the super thin crust can’t stand up to it.

    This is a couple doors down from our all-time favorite, Bartertown Diner! My hubby can’t believe that his favorite restaurant is a vegetarian restaurant! (He’s not a vegetarian, although he eats meat infrequently since i don’t cook it for him 🙂 )

    • Okay, I have to say I’m super impressed you’ve been to all these places after only living in GR for a year! I still haven’t been to Bartertown (it’s been on my to-do list for a while), and I didn’t know about the Cult Pizza punch card. You see, kids, this is why you can’t just spend all your time on Little Africa or vegan hotdog day at Marie’s. I’ve been missing out on these things.

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