my mother’s potato

Years ago my mom got rid of all the grass her yard, and turned her whole yard into a garden. It started out with lots of plants and flowers that were just nice to look at it, but slowly she’s been growing more and more food. This year she grew potatoes.

20131017 organic potato
I’m not exactly sure if this is the first year she’s grown them, but it’s the first time I’ve ever gotten a potato from her.

20131017 organic potato2
Some of them were odd shapes.

20131017 organic potato3
She told me I should pick the weirdest looking potato,

20131017 organic potato4
and post it here on the blog. Now you know where I get my strange sense of humor.

20131017 organic potato5
I was happy to have an organic potato lovingly grown by Mumra. I love potatoes, but when they’re not organic (I almost never buy organic, I’m too cheap), I hear a little voice in my head reminding me I’m basically eating poison. Well, this potato isn’t just for looks. I used it in a recipe Tuesday night, and I shall post it soon.

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  1. I’ve been growing them for years w/out much success. But this year instead of cutting up the seed potato into pieces [each piece needs to have two eyes] I planted the whole thing as is. And it worked! From about 2.5 to 3 pounds of seed potatoes we ended up with more than 25 pounds of organic potatoes. Not sure how many pounds the critters at our community garden got but I don’t mind sharing. They only nibbled on them but I couldn’t bring myself to eat them. We grew two kinds, the one you have is a russet potato. I don’t remember the name of the other one, but they all looked “normal.” Enjoy!

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