imitation Greek green beans

I like it when things just naturally fall into place. For example,

20131018 Greek style Green Beans
I am still on my spending freeze, and so I was trying to think of a way to use up this giant can of green beans. Normally I would do a traditional green bean casserole, but I didn’t have all the ingredients. I found this recipe for Green Beans the Greek Way from 2 Broke Vegans. With a few changes, I turned this boring can of green beans into something really wonderful.

20131018 Greek style Green Beans2
I chopped up lots of onion and garlic, along with the now infamous oddly shaped potato I blogged about yesterday. It was kind of sad cutting up the potato, I found I had grown fond of it whilst taking its picture.

20131018 Greek style Green Beans3
I sauteed these things in olive oil,

20131018 Greek style Green Beans4
added salt and pepper. Then when the potatoes were soft,

20131018 Greek style Green Beans5
I drained the green beans and added them. 28oz.

20131018 Greek style Green Beans6
I didn’t have many tomatoes, so I peeled just one of them,

20131018 Greek style Green Beans7
and mashed it through a strainer…

20131018 Greek style Green Beans8
to get a little tomato sauce. I really mashed the heck out of it so I wouldn’t waste too much, it was kind of hard to clean the strainer afterwards. But worth it.

20131018 Greek style Green Beans9
I mixed a little water in with the tomato, then added fresh parsley. You may also wish to add more olive oil at the end, it’s hard to add too much.

20131018 Greek style Green Beans11
It made three servings. I know some people will be scandalized by the use of canned green beans instead of fresh. Well, I actually really like the canned ones. I think it’s because they’re just soaking in salt water – I could eat them plain, straight from the can. I know Greeks are fond of fresh food, and probably if I were on Tinos where those little bushes covered in yellow flowers are growing all over the side of the road, I’d be out there with the yiayia and papou we drove by, picking fresh green beans all day long. But since we don’t have those plants growing wild here and I’m too lazy to grown them myself or even steal them from my mom’s garden, and far too lazy to can them and wait for them to soak up all the delicious saltiness….well, you get the idea.

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  1. hey you killed the potato! i was fond of it too !!
    Tinos!! Yes you are right, you would be so used to it you wouldn’t like the canned or frozen that much. But they look perfect, good job!!!!

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