smoked wild rice with veggies & beans

Another day of using up things that are cluttering up the pantry. I had just under 1/2 C left of a blend of smoked wild rice, quinoa and long grain white rice. I cooked the rice blend according to instructions, it made nearly 2 C cooked rice. Then…

20131020 tahini wild rice
I added chopped onion, tomato and orange bell pepper, with a couple minced cloves of garlic, to about 1/2 C refried beans. I had already let the beans cook for several minutes on low, so they were kind of dried out – I like them to be thick since they’re going to be mixed with a sauce. I stirred in the veggies and let them cook just long enough to get them warm.

20131020 tahini wild rice2
Made a spicy tahini sauce,

20131020 tahini wild rice3
Add the rice to the beans & veggies, pour in the tahini sauce. Stir it up.

20131020 tahini wild rice5
Eat & enjoy. This recipe is oil free and perfect for a strict fasting days!

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