popcorn cookies & pancakes

Just doing a little experimenting with my favorite snack food…

20131023 popcorn cookies
Popcorn. I ground it up in my food processor and played around with it.

20131023 popcorn cookies7
The recipes need some tweaking,

20131023 popcorn cookies8
but I did get some decent “cookies” out of the first test run – they were really more like candy. Delicious, buttery popcorn flavored candy.

20131023 popcorn pancakes5
Then I whipped up a pancake batter. I was hoping I could replace the flour with popcorn, but…it didn’t really thicken up. I did use less flour than usual, though.

20131023 popcorn pancakes6
The pancakes were great as long as they got nice and crispy on both sides,

20131023 popcorn pancakes8
so they needed to be made tiny and thin. Thicker pancakes were not as impressive.

20131023 popcorn pancakes9
Both recipes are pretty time consuming, but worth it if you love popcorn. I will perfect the recipes and get back to you soon!

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