El Arriero Mexican restaurant

Last night we went to a Mexican restaurant in Kentwood, El Arriero. I read online they have a few good vegan options and large portions, so I was excited to check it out. For the past several months, the only Mexican I’ve had is from On The Border – they’re pretty good, but there’s really only one vegan meal on the menu. So.

20131025 el arriero
I ordered the vegetable fajitas, just ask for no cheese or sour cream.

20131025 el arriero2
It came with three small corn tortillas,

20131025 el arriero3
a huge dish of grilled onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, and mushrooms,

20131025 el arriero4
and another plate of beans (made without lard, of course), guacamole, rice (no chicken stock or anything), and some kind of fresh salsa over lettuce. The three tortillas didn’t even come close to holding all the stuff that came with them,

20131025 el arriero5
and I ended up bringing home basically a whole second meal. Which I ate later in the evening. It was really good, and I liked that the staff called us amigos 🙂 They were friendly, although a bit hard to joke with in English. Our food came quickly. They didn’t use a ton of spices, so you could taste all the different components kind of in their “natural” state. I just added a *little* salt.

My giant Mexican dinner was only $9.99, well worth the price. Definitely recommended.

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  1. hmmmm…. this is good to know. We are in Kentwood so I guess this can’t be too far from us. As a native Texan (hence, my handle), “Mexican” (although, this really looks more like “Tex-Mex” anyway) food is something that is just part of life for me.

    Glad to know the beans and rice are safe. I think I would be tempted to bring my own Tofutti sour cream though 🙂

    • It’s very close to Woodland Mall. I think you’re right, it’s more Tex-Mex. The only real Mexican food I’ve ever had is guacamole either from a little place called La Loma near the giant Salvation Army on Division (quite a drive from Kentwood, and if you’re a vegan, the guac is the only option on the menu!) and…guacamole made by a Mexican friend. Haha. Oh well, I do love guacamole.

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