breaking the spending freeze at Marie’s

Sorry for all the restaurant posts instead of recipes, but I guess if you’re trying to eat vegan near Grand Rapids or Chicago, you’ll have a few ideas. But I do have some recipes coming soon!
Z is home for a couple weeks with the girls, and I thought that was a good enough reason to break my spending freeze. We got lunch at Marie’s.

20131027 Marie's tacos
Since we got our meals to-go, it meant we had to face the deli once again. These glistening cake stands are actually filled with giant cookies! And some were vegan. I caved and added a cookie to my order, and Z added a muffin to hers.

20131027 Marie's tacos2
I wanted to add a couple cupcakes,

20131027 Marie's tacos3
or maybe a fancy vegan (and gluten free) mac ‘n cheese concoction. But I refrained. Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy!

20131027 Marie's tacos4
So I ended up with the lunch special + one huge cookie. Would you like to see last Friday’s lunch special?

20131027 Marie's tacos6
Roasted pumpkin & black bean tacos with cabbage & apple slaw, and cranberry salsa on corn tortillas. And of course the infamous garlic mayo. I wasn’t sure if all the flavors would work together, and truth be told, I’m still not sure how I felt about the raw apples. But…I ate all three tacos. And I have no regrets.

20131027 Marie's tacos7
Chili-roasted tomato & quinoa soup,

20131027 Marie's tacos8
it was extra thick with big chunks of tomato and onion, and fresh cilantro throughout. It had a nice kick to it.

20131027 Marie's tacos9
And then there was that cookie. I chose classic peanut butter.

20131027 Marie's tacos10
In case you can’t tell how big it was, it large enough to hold two packs of Orbit gum, with a little room to spare. I should’ve cut it into four servings, but instead I kind of ate the whole entire thing all at once. It felt good.

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  1. oh gosh, me too! I LOVE Marie Catrib’s. Whenever I go home to visit family in Texas (read: LONG road trip!), I stop there and LOAD up so that I don’t have to scrounge for food on my way down (although I do hit Whole Foods in Memphis and/or Little Rock) 🙂

    And, if you haven’t already, you really MUST try their vegan mac and cheese. AMAZINGLY good!! Their chipotle sweet potato quesadillas are pretty dang good as well! Ok, everything I have tried has been great 🙂

    Those tacos look yummo!

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