free food

I have mentioned my love of free food before. Well yesterday I got an awesome surprise…

20131029 free food spinach pies
a certain Jordanian friend of mine brought homemade hummus and freshly baked spinach pies to church for lunch.

20131029 free food spinach pies2
Her spinach pies are wonderful. They’re small, but every bite is filled with spinach and onion, and a very nice lemon flavor. The dough is soft on the inside, but crispy on the outside.

Everyone around here has a special hummus recipe. I make mine extra thick with lots of garlic. Another friend makes his not-so-thick and with tons of lemon. This hummus was a bit mild on lemon and garlic, but there was some other spice that burned nicely on the back of my tongue, and there were pools of olive oil on the surface which, of course, can only make it better.

I brought a lunch from home yesterday, but I ended up leaving it for another day and eating this instead. Sometimes you just have to be flexible.

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  1. Hi there, In Israel and all over the Middle East – Hummus is a basic, staple food in its basic form (feel free to visit my new blog here and view my recipe). But over the past decade or so it has become only the base for so many delicious, nutritious recipes. BTW, we call the spinach filled pastries “Fatayer” and the spinach can be often replaced with swiss Chard.

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