easy applesauce

I thought we were all finished getting apples from our tree, but we got a few more. Like, three bags more. I’ve found a few ways to use them up, and one is making applesauce. This recipe is really easy…

2013115 applesauce
About 6 medium sized apples, core & stems removed, quartered and placed in a pot with 1/2 C apple cider. Optional: cinnamon, to taste. Bring to a boil,

2013115 applesauce2
then reduce heat, cover, and let simmer about 40 minutes. The apples should be nice and soft. Remove the lid and continue cooking another 10 minutes.

2013115 applesauce3
I just mashed the apples a little with my wooden spoon, but you could use a potato masher, or get them really smooth by using a food processor. I like the big chunks.
I used some of the applesauce in a muffin recipe, and some in my dinner last night. Recipes coming soon.

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    • It’s crazy, we didn’t even know our tree could produce fruit! Apparently it’s because of a frost last year that stressed out the trees in the area, suddenly there are trees filled with apples EVERYWHERE, with apples spilling into the road in a couple places.

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