bbq pasta (yeah, I went there)

This is a super quick one. I have somewhere to be this evening, and I needed to hurry and eat something – ANYTHING – before I leave the house (I should be getting right now, Aaahh!!!).
So I boiled some angel hair pasta, and left a little water in when I drained it. Dumped it back into the pan…

2013118 bbq pasta
frantically looked through the fridge. Squirted in a little mustard, a lot of barbecue sauce (I ended up adding more than what’s shown, do it to taste), and not quite 1 Tbsp tahini. A little pepper, if you like.

2013118 bbq pasta2
Stir it up. That was my dinner tonight. I’m already hungry again…. Anyway. Oil free, and perfect for a strict fasting day.

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