Sweet Fennel Seed Oatmeal

I love a big steaming bowl of oatmeal on a day when the cold weather makes my fingertips numb. I’m still trying to use up the random things I have sitting around in the cupboards, and this weekend I found sugar coated fennel seeds.
Start by making whatever size serving of oatmeal you’d like, prepared according to the package. I added a little handful of raisins to the water just before it started boiling, too.

20131111 fennel seed oatmeal
Add margarine, cinnamon to taste, and sugarcoated fennel seeds – enough to sweeten the oatmeal to your liking.

20131111 fennel seed oatmeal3
It also turned my oatmeal a pretty color.

20131111 fennel seed oatmeal4
You can add more fennel seeds for garnish, to brighten things up, and because they just taste good.

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I had no idea I had this many oatmeal recipes!

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