other stuff I put in tacos

As I said this morning, I’m trying to use up a package of 30 corn tortillas. I ate a lot of tacos over the weekend. For example…

20131111 tacos
Qrunch burger, vegan sausage, veggies (tomato, onion, chopped garlic, romaine) & tahini cheez sauce.

20131111 tacos3
A Qrunchy, gluten free taco.

20131111 tacos4
A soft, chewy, gluten-ful taco.

20131111 tacos5
This time I left out the tahini sauce, piled sauteed onion & bell pepper on a vegan sausage, and added a fair amount of ketchup. These were all very good. Sometimes I heat the tortillas in oil until they’re crispy, sometimes I heat them briefly, with or without oil, just until they’re soft. I like it both ways.

What’s your favorite thing to put in a taco?

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