Oil Free Salad in a Jar

Just a quick one this morning, a variation on the jar salad I posted last week.

20131115 jar salad tahini
Again, pretty much whatever veggies you want. Mine has bell pepper, smoked baby wheat, onions, romaine, tomatoes, olives, and frozen peas. I filled the jar all the way to the top this time because…

20131115 jar salad tahini3
it was an oil free day, and my tahini dressing is too thick to just shake it up in the jar. That meant I got a bigger salad 🙂

20131115 jar salad tahini4
So I did have to bring an extra container to work, no big deal. This is just a basic tahini sauce with spirulina added.

Perfect for a strict fasting day like today, and many more days to come during the Nativity Fast which begins today. A very blessed 40 days to everyone!

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