Trail Mix Teff Porridge

Another quick breakfast made with teff flour, no oil, gluten free.

20131119 teff porridge trail mix
In a small saucepan over medium high heat, add 1/2 C teff flour, a handful of raisins, a handful of dry roasted peanuts. Add 1 C water and stir until the flour dissolves. Stir occasionally as the mixture heats up. It will start to thicken more on the bottom – lower the heat to medium and stir constantly until it doesn’t thicken up anymore. You may want to thin it down with water if it gets thicker than you like it.

20131119 teff porridge trail mix2
Turn off the heat. Add chocolate chips to taste, stir to melt and incorporate (I use Ghirardelli semi-sweet, made without milk).

20131119 teff porridge trail mix3
Garnish with additional raisins, peanuts, and chocolate chips. Enjoy.

Oil free and perfect for a strict fasting day. The peanuts added at the beginning do soften a little. If that’s not your thing, wait to add them until the very end, when you add the chocolate chips.

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