what would I say…about food

Sorry I don’t have a real post this morning, but I found this status generator floating around facebook: what-would-i-say.com It looks through your status updates and pictures and puts together random words or sentences. Most of them make no sense, some do but are weird. Some are funny…lots of mine are about food. Like these. Apparently I post a lot about pizza!

I found a bunch of vegan cheese bread, salata, hummus & pita, and foolish kids.

Um, I missed my attempt at a food

I found this conversation Mom, why oh why they thought I set my alarm to go grocery shopping!

Well, we had to eat this fermented tofu for

Pretty bummed I kept getting any pizza????

I found a piece of bread, near one

Sorry, ’tis a nap, and we had little to no pizza for

‘I am officially getting any pizza????

There’s a reason most people don’t smile in Nathan Benadict’s room, had to drive? I’m trying to eat vegan stuff

There’s a Mediterranean place downtown called gray squash.

Well, we had a taco pizza at the first Friday

really spicy collard greens, a simple Yes or are you

Now my vegan cheese pizza…

PIZZA WEEK when we pray we have CANDY??!?!??!?!?? I can’t tonight, I’m going to the job of rain and my blog

So. What would you say?

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  1. Ha ha! This is too fun. I couldn’t stop clicking “generate status”. These are my favorites:

    That was say there’s still glitter all over the street.

    I was feeling all full of grumpy until my very Big Love.

    I was in teriyaki sauce.

    Be crazy with us!

    I’m fortunate to do any work that has tits. Classy.

    All hail the beautiful morning run at Warner Park.

    I was popular for one glorious fortnight.

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