CSA dinner: roasted fall veggies with tahini sauce & gluten free bread

I didn’t getting around to posting this last week, but I had dinner at Amanda’s last Monday night. She had an abundance of CSA veggies (again!) and this time she made a wonderful fall vegetable roast.

20131126 fall veggie roast
Let’s see if I can remember what was in here…sweet potatoes, squash, mushrooms, roasted garlic, raw apples and walnuts, and dried cranberries (or cherries? I can’t remember, sorry) on a bed of greens.

20131126 fall veggie roast2
She also made gluten free bread that was kind of an experiment. She couldn’t decide if she liked it or not, but we both just kept picking at it and ate a ton while we were talking. So much so we were too full for the snacks I brought along!

20131126 fall veggie roast3
All I had to do was provide the dressing. In this old Frank’s Red Hot Sauce bottle is a small batch of tahini sauce made with about 2 Tbsp tahini, a pinch of salt, and maple syrup and cinnamon to taste. Thin it down with water. It was too thick to shake through the tiny spout, but we just took the cap off and poured the dressing on.

20131126 fall veggie roast4
It’s a small miracle it paired well with the savory flavors in Amanda’s roast because I had no idea how she was planning to season it 🙂 I’m sure we would’ve eaten the whole platter if we had a couple more hours to hangout.

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