toasted veggie sandwich

Sandwiches. Learn to love them during Lent. Actually they’re my favorite all the time, you can do pretty much whatever you want with them. Such as…

2013121 baked sandwich
I had half a loaf of Syrian bread. I cut it in half and then cut out part of the inside to make more space for Stuff. Brushed the inside with olive oil and sprinkled it with garlic, then toasted it under the broiler until it was golden brown.

2013121 baked sandwich2
Dill is great, and I recently found out it’s packed with iron and calcium. So, I used about 1 Tbsp of fresh dill,

2013121 baked sandwich3
onions, brushed with oil and sprinkled with salt,

2013121 baked sandwich4
then topped with tomato slices. More oil, more salt. Bake it for a few minutes at 400 until the tomatoes soften.

2013121 baked sandwich5
On the other side, mustard, pickles…

2013121 baked sandwich6
tortilla chips and lettuce. And ketchup. Then brush top with oil and stick it under the broiler briefly, until the top gets nice and browned and crispy. Simple.

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