Thanksgiving 2013

I just wanted to start the week off by bragging about my wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve still got a stuffing recipe to post later, but for now…

2013122 Thanksgiving
There were a ton of vegan options at my grandparent’s this year.

2013122 Thanksgiving2
Grandma had to use her noodle board to cover the sink and make more room in the buffet! We had salad, mom’s kimchi, vegetable pie, mashed potatoes, roasted veggies, squash, hummus & veggies…

2013122 Thanksgiving3
plus my stuffing, and carrot casserole.

2013122 Thanksgiving4
And I’m not sure where it’s hiding in those pictures, but here on my plate between the stuffing & roasted veggies is a dish my aunt made – some kind of cauliflower and pumpkin puree with maple syrup and cinnamon (I think).

2013122 Thanksgiving5
Everything was so good. My grandma’s vegetable pie was the main vegan dish this year, it’s kind of like a giant pot pie with potatoes, green beans, peas, and cauliflower baked in a flaky crust.

We didn’t do any faux meat or make anything cute and turkey-shaped like we have in the past. If you were vegan on Thanksgiving, what was your main dish? Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend!

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