date paste-sweetened oatmeal

Around this time of year I start eating oatmeal more regularly, so I like to mix things up a little.

20131204 date paste oatmeal
I buy a big brick of date paste…

20131204 date paste oatmeal2
and use it to sweeten my breakfast. For a single serving, I usually add a heaping Tbsp of the date paste to my water and let it cook down while I bring the water to a boil.

20131204 date paste oatmeal3
This time I also added cinnamon and raisins to the oatmeal.

20131204 date paste oatmeal5
I add a little tahini for fat, and water to thin it down. Pinch of salt optional.

20131204 date paste oatmeal6
That’s it!

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