girls’ night in: nachos & chili cheese fries (vegan)

I had another wonderful Girls’ Night In last night with Amanda. The dinner is one we’ve been planning for about a month, and I’ll tell you…

20131218 nachos & chili cheese fries5
when the weather gets like this, all I want to do is fatten myself up for winter, and sleep. And certain foods make that easier. For example…

20131218 nachos & chili cheese fries
A big ol’ pan of nachos with tahini sauce, a plate piled high with waffle fries & sweet potato fries, a giant bowl of chili, and another bowl with kale, onions, and mushrooms.

20131218 nachos & chili cheese fries2
I almost forgot the green onions.

20131218 nachos & chili cheese fries3
I skipped breakfast, so I think that made it alright to eat two plates full of chili cheese fries. Right? You can easily make this meal yourself by baking up a batch of frozen fries, whipping up the tahini nacho cheez sauce linked above, and cooking up a little vegan chili. Then tell yourself, “It is healthy because it’s vegan.” 😀 Eat up & enjoy!

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