Cucumber Salad (in a jar)

Sorry again for my lack of posts. I’ve been dealing with finding a new car, getting ready for Christmas & family, a slight case of winter blues and lethargy, and all the other fun things that come with freezing cold (ice storms!) weather. But mostly I’ve just been lazy. I went through some pictures I’ve taken over the past couple weeks and realized there are lots of recipes I haven’t posted. Here’s a simple one.

20131215 cucumber salad
Chop a cucumber into bite-sized pieces. I also peeled mine, that’s optional (unless you have a cucumber with a bitter peel, then you really should just peel it!).

20131215 cucumber salad2
In the bottom of the jar is olive oil with salt, pepper, garlic & dill to taste. Lots of dill. Then add the cucumber. I threw this together in the morning to have for lunch that afternoon.

20131215 cucumber salad3
Just before you’re going to eat, shake the jar to coat the cucumber with the oil dressing.

20131215 cucumber salad4
That’s it, it’s ready to eat.

20131215 cucumber salad5
If you like carbs as much as I do, a little chunk of bread is great for soaking up any oil left in the bottom of the bowl.

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