steamed veggies with gorgeous tahini sauce

I may have posted something similar to this before, but I just love the colors in this picture. So here it is in case you missed it…

20140129 steamed veggies
There’s a big baked potato underneath that I mashed up and seasoned with salt and pepper, then doused in bright yellow tahini sauce, and mixed it up to make it nice and creamy. Turmeric is the best. The potato is covered with steamed broccoli, Brussels sprouts, carrots, and mushrooms. Then….MOAR tahini sauce!!!!!!! And that’s it.

If you use the search feature on the blog, you can find a bunch of different tahini sauce recipes I’ve used over the past year and a half. I’ll give the basic idea again, though:

A couple tablespoons of tahini
I almost always add lemon juice and garlic, but if I want a cheesier taste I leave out the lemon
and use a little squirt of Dijon mustard, but sometimes I use both.
Turmeric is more for color than taste, I like my sauce crazy bright yellow.
Then you can add one or more or all of the following:
onion powder
chili powder
smoked paprika
chipotle powder
Frank’s Red Hot Sauce.
You can experiment with different kinds of mustard.
You can add a vegan sour cream, yogurt, or mayo.
Nutritional yeast.
Have fun. Go crazy. Make it your own, as Paula Abdul would say.

How do you like to dress up boring steamed veggies?

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