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Saturday I decided to treat myself to dinner. The weather wasn’t very nice, so I called Little Africa to make sure they were open before I headed over…nope. Loul is on vacation for a month, and Little Africa is closed until February 25! I was really upset until I remembered a new restaurant I’d noticed a couple weeks earlier, and it was also recommended by a friend.

20140201 Gursha
I couldn’t get a good picture of the sign out front with my camera phone, but here’s a bit of the interior of Gursha. As you can see, they could really use more business. Actually, I’m not sure, but just as the “they” at Little Africa is really just a “he,” I think “they” at Gursha might just be “she.”

I walked up to the counter to see if They did takeout. There was one women working there by herself, waiting tables and cooking all the food from scratch. I could see her cooking greens in a giant pan when I peaked in. Ethiopian music played in the background. Great atmosphere.

She gave me a menu to look over. The menu is much larger than Little Africa’s and includes dairy and meat, but there are still several vegan options. There were about half a dozen sides that appeared to be vegan, and all three of the items in the vegetarian section are vegan. The sides are $2 each, and entrees were about $9.99 each. There is a vegetarian combo for $9.99, I thought it would be a little of each of the three vegetarian items, but no –

20140201 Gursha2
it’s ONE OF EACH SIDE DISH! For $9.99. I ordered the combo. Minus the one side that contains dairy and eggs, it includes beet salad with tangy dressing, alicha (cabbage & carrots), gomen (collard greens), some delicious yellow stuff – not sure what it was, lentils with onion and bell pepper, and spinach sauteed with garlic.

20140201 Gursha3
And I also got an order of shiro (ground chickpeas). Since it was included in my box with the veggie combo I’m not sure if it’s included with the sides, or if she was just giving me extra. Hard to tell since she included more of the sides with my shiro.

Just like at Little Africa, there is a pretty decent wait time. In fact, the wait was longer than at Little Africa, I’d say at least half an hour once my order was placed. I’m pretty sure it’s because she was making a lot of the food from scratch after I ordered, whereas at Little Africa many of the dishes are made in large batches waiting to be ordered.
I have to admit, when Little Africa opens again I’ll have a hard time choosing between these two. I love the way everything is heavily seasoned at Little A, but the food from Gursha tasted really clean. I really tasted all different vegetables, the seasonings were just kind of quiet background noise. And…I think there is hardly any salt! I love salt, but the food was still so great somehow 🙂 I tried to eat everything in one sitting, but for $20 I got enough food to cover two meals and a snack. I think two people could definitely share the veggie combo.

I hate to give Gursha too good of a review because Little Africa will always be my favorite and have a special place in my heart…but Gursha really fills a special place in my stomach.

(Gursha is located in the Town & Country Plaza near 44th & Kalamazoo, in the same lot with Mediterranean, Florentine’s, and Cone City.)

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  1. I just discovered this place tonight!! I am super excited to try it out. We live just down 44th so this is even more convenient than little Africa and gojo (both of which we love!).

    I’ve only been in Michigan about a year and a half (and gr a little over a year) so I am still exploring and discovering places. But, tonight, I decided to just drive through that shopping center to see what was in there.

    My jaw dropped when I saw – what? Another
    Ethiopian restaurant practically around the corner from us?

    Yay! I never get anything but a combo platter (who can decide?).

    Do they have Ethiopian salad? – I am addicted to the stuff!

    • I didn’t see a tomato salad like Loul makes at Little Africa, but the komodoro fetfet is AMAZING. I’m adding another post now with a couple shots I got of the menu on my last trip, and I’ll also post a picture of the salad.
      I’m right near the restaurant, too, so this could be very dangerous!

  2. This is our FAVORITE restaurant. We have two little ones from Ethiopia. We eat there about once or twice a week! Kasa, the owner, has become a great friend of ours! Such good food! 🙂

    • That’s wonderful! I’ve only been twice so far, and there was a different person working each time. Both of them were very friendly and patient, and helped me find all the vegan items. I really hope they do well!

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