Kale & Kidney Bean Injera Porridge (fir-fir)

Okay, I’m way behind on posting recipes because I’ve been working on the new recipe index!!! I still have quite a ways to go, but I think it’s probably not as exciting for all of you as it is for me. So. Food. I love making fir-fir, which is basically an injera porridge.

20140209 injera porridge beans & greens
Just like Little Africa, Gursha gives a ton of extra injera. I know some people like to take a huge piece of bread and a tiny scoop of the food, but not me. I do the opposite, and I always have bread left over.

20140209 injera porridge beans & greens2
So this time I started by cooking a ton of onions and fresh garlic in about 1/4 C margarine. Traditionally you’d use clarified butter, but then it wouldn’t be vegan, ya know? So I use Smart Balance. When the onions begin to soften, add kidney beans. My were from a can this time – drain, rinse & drain before adding.

20140209 injera porridge beans & greens3
Season with berbere spice blend, turmeric for a lovely neon yellow color, and nutritional yeast is optional (to taste). I also added a touch of black pepper. It’s already going to be a little salty because of the margarine, so you probably won’t need any extra. Stir it all up. Meanwhile…

20140209 injera porridge beans & greens4
I cut the hard center out of a few giant leaves of kale (I believe this is the “premier” variety) and tore them up into small pieces.

20140209 injera porridge beans & greens5
By now the onions are soft and clear, and the beans have had a chance to soak up all the flavor.

20140209 injera porridge beans & greens6
Add the kale. If there’s too much to stir at first, cover and let it cook a few minutes until it shrinks.

20140209 injera porridge beans & greens7
Stir it in…

20140209 injera porridge beans & greens8
Cut the injera into very small pieces, add to the pot.

20140209 injera porridge beans & greens9
Stir until the bread is coated with the margarine and spices. Let it cook for another 5 minutes or so. After that, I like to turn the heat up and brown it a little, stirring every so often, but it’s not necessary. Just a texture preference 🙂

20140209 injera porridge beans & greens11
You won’t need anything but a beverage to go with this, it’s quite filling on its own.

20140209 injera porridge beans & greens12
You get the slightly sour taste of the injera with the smooth taste of the kidney beans, the fresh flavor of kale, and the warm spiciness of the berbere. Oh. Plus the onions and garlic…it’s so wonderful.
It’s also gluten free if your injera is made the traditional way, using only teff flour. How do you use up leftover injera?

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  1. Just amazing dish ….injera is the best bread I’ve ever had…thank you Ethiopia! I’d use evoo…instead of margarine…but that’s me.

    • Yes, I’m so happy we have multiple Ethiopian restaurants in town, it’s one of my favorites!!

      You can definitely use whatever oil you like, but from experience, it just doesn’t have the same flavor. It won’t be *bad* though, just different! You could also try sesame oil since it’s used in a lot of Ethiopian cooking.
      Or, if you’re not vegan, I suppose you might as well go with the traditional clarified butter.

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