Primal Strips meatless vegan jerky

Okay, this post is making me feel pretty pathetic. Several months ago (more than 12?!) I received a sample pack of Primal Strips Meatless Vegan Jerky from Primal Spirit Foods to review for the blog, two of each flavor. I sent half to a non-veg friend so he could tell me what he thought. Well. He never ate them. He was afraid of them! So I guess now we know what non-vegans think about vegan jerky. But I waited a really long time for him to eat them, and then kinda forgot to post anything.
Then I decided I would try a bunch of other vegan jerkys and see how they compare, and do one giant vegan jerky review. Well.
I tried some cheapy stuff from the Asian market. All of them taste okay, but they’re really, really greasy. Like, you could moisturize your arms with the amount of oil that gets on your fingers eating this stuff.
I thought I would try some fancy stuff from etsy, or some other little online vegan shops that have sprung up. Well, those are, like, $8 for one small serving (and some of the review are not very flattering).

So this whole thing was really stupid because I love Primal Strips, and they’re only 99 cents a piece from Pangea (The Vegan Store). Every year for Christmas my dad orders me a giant box of food from Pangea, and it always contains at least a dozen packages of Primal Strips. So forget all those other second rate jerkys. Let’s talk about Primal Strips.

jerky promo2
I’m really not going to talk about each flavor because they all taste like what the name describes. Thai Peanut tastes like Thai Peanut Do you like Thai food? Do you like peanuts? This is delicious.

jerky promo3
The single servings come in an easy-to-tear wrapper.

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So although the flavor is amazing, my non-vegan siblings and I agree, the texture is somewhat like wet cardboard, but chewier. I know that doesn’t sound very appealing, but we all know vegan meat analogues seldom hit the mark texture-wise. You get used to it. Since I like to eat my food slowly, I like to pull the jerky apart into stringy little pieces. I have come to love the texture.

jerky promo5
Shitake Mushroom. Now this one actually has more of a meaty texture,

jerky promo6
it has an actual mushroom base instead of soy or wheat gluten.

jerky promo10
Texas BBQ.

jerky promo10A
This one is made with isolated soy protein. I try not to eat too much of that stuff, but I think a few times a year (hopefully) won’t kill me 🙂

jerky promo11
My absolute favorite: Mesquite Lime. Luckily this is made with vital wheat gluten, so I can eat it to my heart’s content. There were six in my box this year, gone in four days. And as I mentioned, this was the inspiration for my mesquite lime pulled “pork” jackfruit tacos.

jerky promo12
Teriyaki, also soy-free!

jerky promo13
And you can see all the juiciness in the wrapper there, they are very moist.

jerky promo14
Hickory Smoke, also an excellent flavor and another isolated soy protein-filled guilty pleasure.

So let me repeat: Even though it took me a year (or more…) to get my act together and do this review, I really, REALLY do love Primal Strips and recommend them, especially the Teriyaki and, above all, the mesquite lime. Seriously. Try it. And then you’ll know exactly what your tacos should taste like when you make pulled jackfruit. You will not be disappointed.

(My cousin Kim did not recommend anything this time)

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  1. My favorite is the shiitake mushroom hot & spicy! I get it at Harvest Health. I also really like the one they carry, comes in a little bag with a funny name like Herky-Jerky, or something? I like the Mild, the Wild, and the Barbecue Beef.

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