sweet potato flatbread pizza & other Jordanian delights

I hope everyone enjoyed the first day of Pizza Week! My day was pretty awesome. Nadira invited me to her house blessing which was followed by a HUGE lunch. The lunch included a cheesy flatbread pizza, and…

a delicious vegan sweet potato flatbread pizza with mushrooms and onions. This is Nadira’s own creation. There was no sauce or anything, but it held together because the baked sweet potato was nice and soft.

But she doesn’t do anything small when it comes to food. So, we also had eggplant and bell peppers baked in tomato sauce, an amazing Lenten kibbee filled with chickpeas, tahini, walnuts and onion (doesn’t it look gorgeous, like something out of a magazine?!),

cauliflower baked in a tahini sauce, spinach pies,

veggie medley over rice,

fish & shrimp for those who were parking of it, and hummus & salad.

I was a very happy girl! Some of these things appear in the Vegan Jordanian Cookery post from a while back, but I’m going to have to get another cooking lesson from Nadira so I can learn how to make that kibbee!

Later in the evening I made a pizza for dinner & saved the leftovers for lunch today. I will post that in a bit.
What did you have on your first day of Pizza Week?

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