pulled jackfruit pizza with corn tortilla white sauce

Okay, this is actually from Tuesday night. I promised my mom I’d let her try my mesquite lime pulled jackfruit. Originally I made tacos, but this is Pizza Week, after all. Still, I did really enjoy the tacos, so I decided to work that corn tortilla flavor into the mix.

20140302 jackfruit pizza
Sorry some of the pictures are so dark, Mother is not a fan of lights for some reason. Anyway, the main ingredients of the white sauce.

20140302 jackfruit pizza2
I tore up two of the corn tortilla shells, the pieces don’t have to be too small because they’ll cook down.

20140302 jackfruit pizza3
I added them to a pan with about 1 to 1 1/2 C plain unsweetened almond milk and cooked it on med-high, stirring frequently until…

20140302 jackfruit pizza4
the tortillas broke down and the almond milk thickened and got nice and creamy. It’s okay if there are a few lumps. I seasoned the sauce with garlic, black pepper, and a little salt.

20140302 jackfruit pizza5
Mom had a couple pre-made crusts, they were probably about 5″. There was more than enough sauce for both, the leftovers we ate as a dip with chips 🙂

20140302 jackfruit pizza7
Add the pulled jackfruit and bake according to instructions for whatever crust you’re using. The sauce will get even thicker, and baking gives the jackfruit a nice texture.

20140302 jackfruit pizza8
Mom made a side of guacamole – just avocado, lime juice, salt, and green onions.

20140302 jackfruit pizza9
I liked the way these turned out, although next time I’d stick with my standard homemade crust. But the sauce was nice, you got a hint of the corn tortillas but the flavor overall was mild and didn’t overwhelm the mesquite lime flavor of the pulled jackfruit at all. It tasted great with the guacamole (we kind of fought over the guacamole a little, it was really good!).

Have you ever combined two of your favorite foods? What were they, and how did it turn out?

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  1. Wow, this looks intriguing and I would love to try it out to get a feel for the texture. I know a lot of vegetarians use jackfruit to bulk out a dish or as a meat substitute x

  2. This was a wonderful meal! I loved the Jackfruit! It really picked up the seasonings used and since I prefer to avoid tofu, the Jackfruit is an excellent substitution. I was very impressed! Thanks baby gurl for the wonderful meal. I learn so much from you! Sorry about the lighting, I enjoy living in a bat cave.

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