2014 Lenten potluck #3

Well, I couldn’t make anything for last night’s potluck because I have a cold, and I didn’t think it was a good idea to handle other people’s food. With the time I saved by Not cooking, I made a grocery run…

for a few things I hope will help me get rid of this thing. I slammed the C-Boost last night, today I’ll polish off the veggie juice and my dinner will be extra garlicky (I’m sure anyone I’ll be around the next couple days will be thrilled). I had a bowl of the kimchee this morning to clear my sinuses, it worked for about 5 minutes. The avocado is…just because. Because you need to feed a cold to KILL IT.

So last night I blasted the little sucker with plenty of wonderful food from our third Lenten potluck of Great Lent.

Beautiful halva.

The potato salad was great. It had pickles in it, my favorite 🙂

Also on last night’s menu: a sweet roll, mjaddara, and you can barely see it but there were cabbage rolls with mushrooms. And a chili-like soup with sweet potato. There were vegan sloppy Joes, too, but my plate was full.

What do you all do to get rid of a cold?

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