2014 Lenten Potluck #4: vegan nachos

I’m so behind in posting about the Lenten potlucks! This is from last week. I basically used a bunch of leftover ingredients from Tuesday Taco Night to make vegan nachos since last Wednesday was a feast day (the Synaxis of the Archangel Gabriel) on which oil is permitted.

You’ve probably seen my nachos before, but if you haven’t, check THIS out. These nachos are topped with tomatoes, onion, bell pepper & cactus, and I added a little olive oil to the mix. Covered in my tahini nacho cheez sauce.

Lots of Lenten desserts last week.

When you can have oil on a Wednesday in Great Lent, you might as well go all out and just put out a bowl of it!

Of course I didn’t have room on my plate for everything, but along with my nachos I had baba ganouj, quinoa with mushrooms and asparagus, some sort of yummy blueberry-filled dessert thing with a nice, crispy top,

and a bowl of lentils & potatoes. You can’t see it, but underneath there’s also a scoop of rice with chickpeas. Everything was excellent. Tonight will be bittersweet…looking forward to seeing what everyone will bring, but it’s the last Lenten potluck of the year 🙁

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