Lenten potluck with friends

Last weekend Amanda hosted a Lenten potluck, and guess what? I made vegan nachos again with my now infamous tahini nacho cheez sauce, dotted with jalapeno cashew cream.

I seriously never get tired of eating these nachos in all its many forms. But there was a lot more to eat that evening…

As you can see, we had a small feast!

Amanda made two kinds of enchiladas (gluten free), and cooked up some veggies to go with them.

The crumbles on top are a faux cheese made of tofu, it’s really good with a nice firm texture. I will have to get the recipe for all of you.

We also had vegan mac n cheese, with a nutritional yeast-based cheez, vegan mashed potatoes, Amanda’s garlicky vegan mayo, guacamole (that’s just plain old avocado there on my plate, but for the next round I had guacamole), and salsa. And

we had Hop Soda to drink, my first time trying it. It’s made in Grand Rapids, but you can also order it online.

Do you have Lenten dinners with friends to help you get through Lent??

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    • Thank you! The tahini sauce won’t really taste like cheese (well, I don’t think so, but I don’t really remember what cheese tastes like anymore!) but it’s SO good. Let me know if you try it!

    • Oh, I forgot all about this! I’ll have to try to get the recipe from Amanda, I was going to do the tofu cheese. I think the enchiladas were just filled with beans & veggies.

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