With a Lying Kiss

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The law-transgressing Judas, O Lord, who dipped his hand with thee in the plate at supper, hath put forth his hands with iniquity to take silver; and he who calculated the price of the spice did not shrink from selling thee, O priceless One. And he who put forth his feet for the Master to wash, deceitfully kissed him to deliver him to law-breakers. Verily, he hath been cast away with his thirty pieces of silver, without beholding thy third day Resurrection, through which, have mercy upon us.

Judas the traitor, being deceitful, betrayed the Saviour Lord with a lying kiss; and he sold the Master of all like a slave to the transgressors of the law. But the Lamb of God followed like a sheep to the slaughter, who is the only Son of the most merciful Father.
-2nd & 3rd Stichera from the Vesperal Divine Liturgy on Holy Thursday, Tone 2

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