Bright Wednesday: Vegan Hotdog Day at Marie’s

Vegan Hotdog Day is back at Marie Catrib’s, that means new toppings on delicious Larry David dogs each Wednesday (the dogs are made of the same stuff as the Larry David burgers). What a great treat for myself this Bright Week! This week’s special:

BBQ BACON DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!! With jalapeno slaw. And I learned something new – if you decide not to get the soup that comes with the dogs, you save $2.25. Of course the soups are usually $3.50, so it’s up to you what kind of a deal you want.

I got my food to-go again since it’s a workday. I have missed eating in the restaurant, but during the day I just don’t have enough time. It’s really nice to pop in the deli and have everything ready and waiting to go (I’ve never gotten there and had to wait for my order, it’s always been ready!).

And I must say, the dogs were in excellent condition. Upon further inspection, I noticed they speared the dogs with three long toothpicks to kind of bolt them together and keep them from sliding around much in the box. And the pickle spear was in a wax bag instead of loose in the box like they used to be (I took it out for the picture). That meant no pickle juice all over the inside of the box. Nice work, Marie’s deli crew!

The dogs were loaded with BBQ sauce, garlic (vegan) mayo, and that fresh, spicy jalapeno slaw. My mouth isn’t bothered by spiciness, but I’ll get hiccups if I have too much heat. This slaw didn’t bother me, though, even though I could see all kinds of bits of jalapeno. It was just right. The tangy BBQ sauce and garlic mayo together were wonderful, and the vegan dogs themselves have the best flavor of any vegan hotdog I’ve ever, EVER had.

I know this isn’t the loveliest picture, but I wanted you to see what the vegan dogs are like – whole lentils, bits of garlic, fennel seeds, and I think there’s wild rice in there, too. Plus lots and lots of spices. And it’s all held together with vital wheat gluten (sorry, gluten free people) and served in a fresh branny oat bun. Funny thing. I didn’t get any crumbled vegan bacon on my dogs! I read that it’s house made, and I bet it’s wonderful…maybe I’ll actually get some next time. Maybe they ran out, that happens sometimes, especially when there’s a huge lunch crowd like there was today.

Anyway, I also grabbed a couple things from the deli to have either for dinner tonight or lunch tomorrow. I will post that meal soon.

If you’d like to see what Vegan Dog Day was like last year, you can check out my 2013 Dog Day Recap. Seriously, try Marie’s on Vegan Dog Day, you will not regret it!

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  1. Awesome bright week fun!! Monday was “riblets” Tuesday was barbeque “chicken” and tonight was “beef” bourguignon – lovely vegan bright week for sure thus far 🙂 Thanks for your blog – you are truly inspiring!!

    • Melissa, that sounds so wonderful! I’m glad to know I’m not the only vegan celebrating Bright Week with faux everything!! I hope the rest of the week is just as lovely for you 🙂

      • I think we will be planning a trip that way – we are in OHIO. I have a sister near Dearbourne BUT my hubby wants to visit an Island?? up that way – we are hoping this summer – so we are planning on visiting Marie’s AND Yesterdog. Love little weekend escapes like these.

        • Oh, are you going to Mackinac Island? It’s beautiful up there. Depending on when you go to Marie’s, you might have to be prepared for a long wait, but you can browse in the deli and have a free cup of coffee.

          • THAT’S IT!!! We love little places like this and we wait…no problem…we have fun waiting LOL we look at stuff, chat with peeps you know…have fun waiting LOL – can’t wait till summer now LOL

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