Bright Thursday: Moe’s Art Vandalay Burrito & Marie’s Vegan Mac n Cheese

Yesterday I had two meals I didn’t cook myself. The first was lunch at Moe’s,

I always get the Art Vandalay on a white tortilla with black beans, rice, veggies, salsa, cilantro, and lime juice (you can add tofu, but that technically makes it a Homewrecker, and it’s more expensive). I love these burritos, but I can never eat them without making a huge mess.

Then for dinner I finally ate the vegan Jalapeno Lime Mac n Cheese I got from Marie’s the other day, along with half of the Almond Joy cupcake.

The “cheese” is made of nutritional yeast. There were TONS of jalapenos in this and I definitely got hiccups and couldn’t get rid of them the whole time I was eating. But…it was really good, so I didn’t care. This was from back in the deli. They don’t always have this flavor, but I’ve never seen them not have at least one kind of vegan mac. Usually they have the Larry David. Whatever kind you get, I bet it will be wonderful.

Today I don’t have anything too exciting planned, but I’m really looking forward to it. Something simple, and it’s vegan but I don’t normally eat it on a Friday because of the oil. I will post after lunch! And this weekend I’ll finally start posting the special recipes I threw together for my Pascha meal last Sunday.

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  1. Wow how fun!! Thanks so much for sharing. This was our first Pascha as vegans. It was fun – a couple of church friends wanted to taste what we had LOL First paska cheese made and it was vegan – turned out great – family said it is a keeper LOL.
    Love your blog!!
    Christ is Risen!!

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    Anyone wanting fasting cooking advice, good meal ideas, and such from us Orthodox should check out our friend Janalyn’s delightful blog! Fasting is a big part of Orthodoxy, so her blog is a great resource!

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