Stuff I Ate at BWI Airport

Okay, now I’m in full blown vacation mode. Having only a salad for lunch was a terrible (though delicious) idea because I was starving by the time I got on the plane in GR. A Luna bar didn’t help at all. As soon as I got to BWI I got the first vegan thing I saw.


Veggie sushi with avocado and cucumber, rolled fresh daily, and from the taste of it maybe not too long ago.

I think I ate it in 5 minutes. Guess what? Still hungry.

When I got closer to my gate I found more vegan snacks. Never heard of this protein bar before, but chocolate and pretzels sounded good.

When I opened it I was thrilled – extra course salt!!

A little light on the pretzels, and basically a glorified “healthy” candy bar, but…really good. The coconut water/white tea infusion was good, too, although the natural sweetener in it seems a bit sketch. Not sure I want to google it. Anyway, it doesn’t count on vacation! Right???

2 thoughts on “Stuff I Ate at BWI Airport

  1. Oh those veggie rolls look delicious! We have only been to the international terminal in BWI and there are no options for vegans. 🙁 Glad the domestic side has some though. mmmm

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