Guess That Food (beverage)

Okay, last night Zohr took me to H-E-B to buy a few groceries (separate post coming soon), and we saw an interesting item in the beverage aisle. So let’s play a little game.

Based on the list of ingredients, what sort of product do you think this is supposed to be?

Now look at this picture of a confused Zohr. Do you still think you guessed correctly?

If you guessed Sparkling Water, you are correct! Cookie-flavored sparkling brown sugar water. Yum. Interestingly, the ingredients in Coke are:

Can anyone tell me the difference between pop and this “sparkling water”?

8 thoughts on “Guess That Food (beverage)

  1. The water has Acesulfame Potassium [200 times sweeter than sugar] which means it’s probably sweeter than the coke. It is composed of 64% aspartame and 36% Acesulfame Potassium. It also contains sucralose. I hope you didn’t drink that. It’s bottled poison. It might even be worse than the coke, but since we have laws protecting trade secrets we’ll never know . . . . A better option would be to save your money and buy a water filter and make your own flavored water.

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