Make It Sweet


Monday Zohr took me to a great shop called Make It Sweet, a little shop filled with everything you need to bake beautiful cakes and cookies. Here are a few of my favorite spots in the store.

Tons of chocolate molds, they also had another section with silicon molds.

Pans for fancy tiered cakes,

And more pans for bundt cakes, mini cakes, filled cakes, cupcakes, muffins, etc, etc, etc.

Cupcake liners, in quantities of 48 or 200! And finally…

SPRINKLES, sparkling sugars, dragees, nonpareils, crushed cookies and candies.

I’ll show you everything I got when I do a post on Terra Toys, where I found some cool vintage decorative cake picks.

I also got to spy on a cake decorating class taking place in the next room, and I learned about the icing tip. I didn’t bother buying one there since I can get it at home, but I do plan to try it and work on my cake decorating skills.
More Austin coming all week!

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