Whole Foods Flagship Store in Austin, TX

I couldn’t get enough pictures to show you how huge and really awesome the flagship Whole Foods store in Austin is, but here are a few to get an idea. It was so busy in the middle of the day, I thought people would be working! And out of my way so I could take pictures. But no. Plus I was busy shopping and making my giant salad at the salad bar. Anyway. Here’s what I got.

Here she is…

First, the cookie bar. There were a few vegan cookies, but I was good and didn’t get any. There were also quite a few vegan cupcakes in the bakery.

The salad bar.

There were 4 rows of food like this (this picture and the one above are just one row), plus one with soup, and another with olives and pickled things.

I even found buffalo tofu, but unfortunately they sprinkled it with cheese 🙁 On the plus side, for me, my friends tried it and said it’s not as good as mine. IN YOUR FACE, Whole Foods! Haha.

More salad bar. The salad bar is my favorite.

This was a substantial salad.

There was a playground and eating area on the roof, that’s where we took our food.

Baby spinach, grilled red onions, grilled leeks, peas, green chickpeas, artichoke hearts, cilantro tofu, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, kalamata olives, green olives, Mexican rice, green onions, tons of olive oil, salt, nutritional yeast. And some other stuff I can’t remember. And a falafel made with green chickpeas, and a bean salad with vegan mayo. And I also got a vegan moussaka, but it was super disappointing. Just really bland. Oh well, the salad was excellent.

Gorgeous bread.

The vegan stuff!!!! Tons of faux meats and mayo and other random things. I didn’t buy much from this section, though, because I wouldn’t have time to eat it all.

Bulk foods – I got Christmas Lima beans, chocolate chips, and chili spiced mango.

Bulk spices

Make your own trail mix

See how busy?

Happy Mother’s Day 🙂

Special escalator for carts, it’s flat instead of having stairs

Aaaaaand the parking lot has a really cool feature – lights above each parking space. Red means the space is taken, green means it’s open. Makes it really easy to find a spot.

What’s your favorite thing about Whole Foods??

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    • Oh, how lucky for you both!! Is there any kind of employee discount? I would be so tempted to spend my whole paycheck there…I guess that’s why people call it Whole Paycheck 🙂

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