Trader Joe’s

I have finally visited a Trader Joe’s!!!

Okay, I have to say as far as vegan options go, it wasn’t too exciting. There are plenty of staple items at great prices, so if I had a Trader Joe’s nearby I might buy produce, bread, super cheap almond and coconut milk, and those kinds of items there instead of Meijer. I was kind of bummed because I heard Trader Joe’s was coming out with their own vegan cheese, but it turned out to be a lactose free kind that contains casein (a dairy byproduct). Oh well. I only tried a few things, and took pictures of some stuff I wished I could buy but didn’t have time to eat. So here it is!

Speculoos Cookie Butter – this is just like Biscoff cookie spread, except for the price. This is a theme at Trader Joe’s (similar item, lower price). And did I mention, I love cookie spread?!

Even the Asian market charges more for canned coconut milk/cream these days. I didn’t like the idea of lugging cans of this stuff home with me, otherwise I would have loaded up.

Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks, and this is a pretty reasonable price for organic. I *almost* bought it, but then another snack caught my eye…

Crunchy Curls, yum! At least I imagine they’re good. I was tempted to buy them simply because they called it a “fun vegan snack!” But then something else caught my eye…

Snack-O, crunchy corn rings flavored with sweet onion seasoning. And they’re also vegan. Since Funyuns were a favorite snack of mine as a kid, I had to try these. They were so addicting, Zohr and I couldn’t stop eating them in the car on our way home. We could taste that onion seasoning for at least a couple hours afterwards, too, which was less pleasant but still totally worth it. I highly recommend the Snack-Os, just try not to pig out on them.

And finally…

I was told I’d regret it if I didn’t buy more than one bag of the Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels. Who doesn’t love peanut butter and pretzels? I wouldn’t say these taste better than any other kind I’ve had, but they made me a lot happier since they are WAY cheaper than any other kind I’ve had. I wish Trader Joe’s would rip off more items I love 🙂 I bought two bags, but probably should have bought 3 or 4. D’oh!

I also tried a frozen cheeseless pizza, and veggie burgers. I’ll do a separate post for those, and in the very near future I’ll tell you the two snacks you should combine for the best treat EVER. More Austin still to come!!

2 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s

  1. You had me all excited for a minute, thinking a Trader Joe’s had opened back where we are.

    Now maybe we can hope together. I miss their mint chocolate espresso beans and mythical cheap wine (I lived near one in PA, so no alcohol was sold at that location.)

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