The Vegan Yacht

As soon as I found out Fr. R and Z were moving to Austin, I started looking for vegan places to try when I visited. One of the very first I followed on facebook is the vegan yacht (they don’t capitalize the name, so neither will I). So basically, I’d been looking forward to trying the freeto burrito for the past 9.5 months or so. And guess what? I finally got my chance.

Saturday after Vespers we went to Spider House. There are a couple food trucks in the parking lot that are definitely Not vegan, but inside (well, in the outdoor seating)….

you will find the vegan yacht. It’s kinda hard to miss.

The menu is simple: the freeto burrito, the freeto pie (burrito without the shell, in a bowl), mock chicken tacos, mock chicken wrap. And a daily special.

Clearly I had to try the Best Vegan Burrito, but since I didn’t know when I’ll be back I also decided to get the mock chicken tacos and Saturday’s special, the Amazing Salad (“We have a salad today that’s really amazing. Yeah, actually, I think I just called it the Amazing Salad. I was lazy.”). That’s a TON of food for one person, but I can pack it away pretty well.

The Amazing Salad. You know how I love to put tons of salt on everything, but I was eating this in the car and, surprisingly, I don’t carry a salt shaker in my purse. If I did, I would’ve added salt (salt first, taste later), but I’m kind of glad that wasn’t an option. The salad was clearly fresh and tasted really clean, there was no weird, junky bottled vegan dressing. Lifted from their facebook page: “Spring mix,spinach, avocado, beets, cabbage, carrots, celery, hemp seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, turmeric, ground flax seed, lemon juice and a lil olive oil.” That’s kind of a lot of ingredients, but it all came together perfectly.

Mock tacos: two soft corn tortillas loaded with tvp based mock chick’n salad, carrots, sprouts, and avocado.

I’m not sure what was in the dressing in the mock chick’n salad, I’m guessing a vegan mayo. It tasted so wonderful with the avocado. I added some of the hot sauce that was included and the slight tanginess of the vinegar really set it off.

And finally…

The freeto burrito. Organic tempeh chili and corn chips wrapped in a flour tortilla and grilled. I also added vegan cheese to mine.

First of all let me say, I loved this burrito but it’s probably even better if you eat it immediately rather than after a 40 minute car ride. Since obviously the burrito is nice and hot, the corn chips get softer the longer they sit in there. I didn’t want to eat the burrito in the car, and by the time I got home most of the corn chips were soft. BUT they still tasted so good!! And the ones that were still crunchy gave it a great texture, and of course the chips added a little extra of my favorite thing ever in the whole world….salt! Combined with the melty vegan cheese, I cannot imagine a better burrito than this. I can see why it’s award-winning.
(SN: I’m used to eating a giant, messy burrito from Moe’s, I always spill half the filling. The way this burrito was made, I should’ve just eaten it in the car. I think it would’ve been safe!)

And yes, I managed to eat everything. I had to take a little break before finishing my second taco, but it still tasted great a few hours later. And now for random pictures.

SO happy about my upcoming meal 🙂


Probably the best seat in Spider House, the little table next to the vegan yacht. It’s quieter back there, and less smokey.

View from the little table.

Another view from the yacht. Hello, Zohr.

Inside the yacht – I love that asparagus on the door. And there was more produce in unexpected places,

like on Mike. Mike and his wife own the vegan yacht. Unfortunately the Mrs. wasn’t around when we stopped by, but Mike was very hospitable.

We were very impressed with his tattoos, and I was even more impressed with the food. I hope I get to go back sometime soon!!

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