H-E-B grocery store (the B is for Butt!)

So, one evening Zohr took me to visit the Meijer of Texas, H-E-B,

which stands for Howard E. Butt, poor guy. Sorry for laughing like an 8th grader. Anyway, it’s a nice store. One thing it has on Meijer…

this refrigerator case with Daiya cheese, Vegenaise, gluten free sweets, and weird (interesting) beverages. Yeah, I bought one of the weird drinks.

Never seen this brand before, unfortunately this was towards the end of my trip and I didn’t have time to eat it, so I didn’t buy it 🙁 Has anyone tried Sweet Earth?

Reasonably priced supplements, and things I normally only find on Amazon.

Lots of options for tomato stuff Not in a can, for those concerned with BPA. There were glass jars also.

The produce section.

They have these nice shelves in the front of the cart, that way…

if you have two kids sitting in the back (yep, it seats two little ones!), you still have a place to keep your bread safe from getting squashed.

And for $1.97 you can get a nice reusable, insulated bag. On the way back to Michigan, I used this as my purse and loaded it up (there are no pockets inside for money or cellphones, but that’s okay because my real purse was inside the bag :)).

It would be really cool if Meijer carried more vegan stuff and odd health food stuff so I could get it all in one place, and probably at a better price than what I pay at health food stores. Please, Meijer? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaase?!??!

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