Red Rabbit Bakery at the Farmers Market

So, on my Sunday in Austin we popped over to the farmers market right after church.

There were tons of food trucks, and a few had vegan options.

It was a beautiful day, and…

there were a bunch of people playing harps. Huh. You might wonder what could be better than all this, and I will tell you.

DONUTS. Donuts are better than almost everything. Red Rabbit Cooperative Bakery is another vegan business I’ve been stalking on facebook the past several months, and I was so excited to finally, FINALLY have a freshly-baked vegan donut!!!!

Apparently other people felt the same way because by the time we showed up nearly all the vegan donuts were gone – but this picture was actually taken after I asked the gentleman at the booth to please give me one of every flavor he had left.

So what ended up in my little box??

Chocolate glazed, spicy Mexican chocolate glazed, jelly-filled, Austin Cream Pie, vanilla lavender glazed, and lemon & rosemary glazed.

They were so good. I can’t remember the last time I had a non-vegan donut, but I am told the texture was spot on. The Mexican chocolate was delicious, with a nice burning sensation in the back of the throat after a couple bites (do not give this to a 4-year-old, my mistake! [in fairness, we couldn’t tell the difference between Mexican chocolate and regular chocolate just by looking]).

We cut the donuts into pieces so we could all try every kind. Next time I have to get there earlier so I can finally have an apple fritter, that’s what I want so bad!! But the Austin Creme Pie was wonderful even though it was a day old when I ate it (somehow we couldn’t manage to eat all five donuts in one night).

I’m really sorry I forgot the name of the guy at the booth, but he was really nice and gave me a list of vegan food spots to visit, and pointed out his favorites. Unfortunately I only had one day left of my trip at that point and didn’t have time to visit any of the awesome sounding places, but I have a list for next time!

Do you have a bakery in your area that makes vegan donuts? Tell me about it!!

3 thoughts on “Red Rabbit Bakery at the Farmers Market

    • I would say yes, different things because you’ve got locally made items, but overall they’re about equal – the one huge difference being I’ve never seen vegan donuts in at the farmers market in GR!

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