Wheatsville Food Co-op, Austin

I guess I needed a break this week, but I still haven’t finished posting all my stuff from Austin! One of the last stores we visited was the Wheatsville Co-op. They have all kinds of cool vegan stuff, but the main reason I wanted to go there was for one special item…

Magic Vegan Bacon Grease! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very exciting, recipes coming soon! But as I said, there were other great things. For example,

Neat, a meat replacement made with nuts – gluten and soy and junk free. I like to make my own nut-based meat subs, but I bought a package just to try it out.

Faux cheesy stuff. Parma is also nut-based, and really good on salads, although I don’t think it actually tastes like cheese. Maybe I should’ve grabbed one of each flavor. Next time!

A faux meat I’d never seen before. Anyone tried it?

They had a huge variety of veggie burgers made with all kinds of vegetables, legumes, grains, and seeds. It was very impressive. I didn’t get to try any since it was so near the end of my trip and I couldn’t bring them home, but I just loved the Hot Dang brand packaging. Maybe one day they’ll be available in GR.

Various sweets, many of them vegan.

Cupcakes! I bought some, I will tell you more about them later.

Vegan empanadas from Mmmpanadas – we saw their food truck at the farmers market.

Vegan Tofu Po’Boy sandwich made in the Wheatsville deli.

And of course, even more kombucha. I tried the Kicken’ Kombucha because of the cool bottle.

I saved all my receipts so I could add up how much money I spent on food during this trip, then I decided maybe it’s better not to know. I mean, it doesn’t count when you’re on vacation, right?! I still have a bunch of stuff to share with you. Hopefully this coming week I’ll get through all the items I’ve tried so far, interspersed with a few recipes I’ve been meaning to post for ages.

Are there any items you’ve seen so far that you wish were carried in a store near you?

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  1. “A faux meat I’d never seen before. Anyone tried it?”
    We have tried this and really like it. We have found it at our local Mustard Seed Market. And I think we have seen it at our local chain Giant Eagle. I believe it to be a clean brand – non GMO – organic – etc. It was taste tested on a morning show and no one could tell the difference between the faux and the real meat dishes. We like the Gardein brand too but I don’t know if the community has determined if it is a clean brand or not. Do you know?

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