Chicago 7 Pizzeria

Last week I tried out a new (to me) pizza place that offers lots of vegan options, Chicago 7 Pizzeria. This restaurant was suggested to me a while back and I’ve been meaning to check it out.

The woman working there when I placed my order was super friendly, and I found this on my box when I got back to my office 🙂 She was really sweet. When I asked what kind of vegan cheese they use, she said, “We have that kind that starts with a D.” Haha. I don’t blame her, I was pronouncing Daiya wrong for years (it’s pronounced day-uh)! Anyway.

I ordered a 7″ build-your-own pizza and a half order of vegan bread sticks.

The bread is simply drizzled with a little olive oil and sprinkled with nutritional yeast. I do wish they would drizzle it with a ton of olive oil, and add a touch of salt and garlic powder along with the nutritional yeast. But it was still good, especially with the dipping sauce. I have to admit, I ate it all.

Along with Daiya cheese, my pizza was topped with mushrooms, onions, green pepper, and black beans. Everything was very good and reasonably priced. Apparently they offer more than just what’s on the online menu – a friend commented on my facebook page he was there that same day trying the vegan club sandwich. Later I noticed on the Chicago 7 Pizzeria facebook page I’d missed a Vegan Appreciation Day that included a deal on vegan hotdogs.

I’m looking forward to exploring the menu. Has anyone else tried them yet? What do you suggest?

P.S. Thank you to whoever suggested it!!

3 thoughts on “Chicago 7 Pizzeria

  1. Those pictures look delicious… and now I know how to pronounce that cheese! (I feel like folks who finally hear the word quinoa said out loud…)

    • Haha, I know! I saw a picture where they were at some sort of food trade show, and they were all wearing shirts that said “Have a Nice Daiya!” Everyone in the comments was freaking out. I have to make an effort to pronounce it that way, I just hate it!!

      • Think I’ll stick to “cheese that starts with D.” I think it’s the “uh” sound I dislike— it reminds me of the slang “duh.”

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