Fairy Godmother Weddings – Please Vote!!!

Hey guys,

I don’t usually do this, but a friend of mine needs a little help on Start Garden – she needs your votes for her awesome idea of using vintage items to create beautiful & affordable weddings!

The average American wedding is beautiful but expensive ($25,000+), wasteful and exhausting. There’s a better way! A gorgeous reception can be affordable (capped at $1000 including dishes, linens, food and cake), low-stress and, like Cinderella, leave a tiny footprint. We rent linens, vintage and modern glass, china, and silver tableware & serving items—even the cake and vintage wedding dresses. Everything beautiful and reusable, nothing to a landfill! Then, when the wedding is over and everyone’s exhausted—poof!—all the dirty items are packed away to be cleaned by the Fairy Godmother team.

Start Garden can help this budding business expand. Please take a moment to read all about Fairy Godmother Weddings, and if you love the idea as much as I do, hit that big blue Endorse button (you may need to create an account, but they won’t spam you or anything, it’s just to keep voting fair).

Learn more about Start Garden here.

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