Savory Vegan French Toast

I love the sweet taste of French toast with cinnamon, and maybe a dash of nutmeg, but what if you want French toast for dinner? It’s nice to have a savory option. I used a great loaf of sourdough bread I got from Whole Foods, and found another use for my Just Mayo. Recipes from way back in the 5th century don’t mention eggs, so don’t even worry about using an egg sub. In fact, you can skip the mayo, too, I just love adding extra fat!

In a shallow dish, pour in 1/2 C plain unsweetened almond milk, add 1 heaping tablespoon Just Mayo, and 1 Tbsp flour (you can use a gluten free flour and gluten free bread, if you’re into that). Mix it up – I like to use a fork.

Season with salt, pepper, garlic powder, dill, and looks like I added a dash of paprika. I drizzled in just a little olive oil for flavor. Mix.

Heat olive oil in a skillet and begin sauteing onions and big chunks of garlic. Make some room in the pan for the bread.

The bread of which I have been speaking. Although it seems, originally, this dish was created to use up stale bread, fresh bread works just fine. The thickness of the slices is up to you, just make sure it’s not so thin that it’s too fragile to flip.

Now, soak each piece of bread in the milk mixture, carefully shake off the excess liquid,

and lay it in the hot oil to brown. A nonstick skillet might work a little better, but this one did the trick. I am trying to learn not to ruin everything in a regular non-Nonstick skillet!

Cook each side until you have a nice, golden crust. Remember to stir & turn the onions and garlic occasionally so they get nice and soft, but not too brown.

After I plated this, I realized it looks like a sweet owl face 🙂 See it??

The taste of the olive oil crust with garlic and dill, combined with the onions and fresh garlic, is just wonderful. I made this twice while I was in Austin, and right now I really feel like making it again. Like, NOW.

Apparently way back when, people made a savory French toast by simply soaking bread in milk with a pinch of salt before pan frying it. Then they ate it with ketchup or mayo! I prefer veggies. What’s your favorite way to top French toast?

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