Little Africa, Marie’s BBQ Tofu, and Abe

So, I had a couple farewell dinners this week with friends who are moving away. Although I hoped to eat at Little Africa twice this week, the only thing consistent about the hours there is you never know when they might be open. At least we made it Tuesday.

One friend is moving to Chicago, which isn’t so bad I guess, especially considering he’ll come back to visit as soon as next week. But still. We got the All You Can Eat special, but I think he wasn’t pulling his weight because we couldn’t finish the second platter. Or maybe I just can’t eat like I used to, that would be sad.

But we still ate so much, we needed to go for a long walk afterwards.

We parked on Jefferson and walked up State Street and visited the oldest building in Grand Rapids, which for some reason I didn’t bother to take a picture of – the Calkins Law Office built in 1836. I guess I was more interested in the bust of Abraham Lincoln that stands out front, facing the building.

Calkins Law Office
But here’s a picture I lifted from a Grand Rapids Press article.

Some info about the building and Lincoln bust. The bust was made in 1912 by Adolph Alexander Weinman, the gentleman who designed the Mercury Head dime.

We also peeked in the windows of the old Public Museum, but couldn’t go in. I took some pictures a couple years ago during ArtPrize, you can see the museum Here.

So then last night I had dinner with another friend who’s moving to Minnesota. We met up at Little Africa around 4:30, but…nobody was there 🙁 So we walked to Marie’s.

The dinner special last night was an open face BBQ tofu sandwich: Vegan green onion cornbread topped with BBQ tofu and a kale sweet corn slaw, and a big old smear of garlicky vegenaise.

The tofu had a nice, firm texture, not mushy or rubbery. It hadn’t really absorbed the BBQ flavor, so it was more like BBQ flavor on the outside while the tofu itself had almost a cheesy flavor – I mean, a vegan cheesy flavor, ya know? Maybe they marinated it in something.

The cornbread on its was mostly neutral and a little dry, but it needed to be because of all the flavor of the slaw. When you took a bite of everything together, making sure to dip it in the vegenaise, it was just perfect.

I ended my meal with a QUADRUPLE Chocolate vegan cupcake. The cake tasted like it was made with an extra dark cocoa powder, and it was really dense and moist. Topped with thick, creamy chocolate buttercream frosting, mini chocolate chips, and drizzled with a chocolate syrup.

Having a nice meal together is my favorite way to say goodbye to a friend since stuffing my face is my favorite thing to do when I’m sad. I hate goodbyes, but good food kind of takes the sting out of it a little 🙂 What’s your favorite thing to eat when you have a case of the blues?

7 thoughts on “Little Africa, Marie’s BBQ Tofu, and Abe

  1. That cupcake looks irresistible!!!

    I would say chocolate with peanut butter is my comfort food for sadness. As tempting as it is to keep it on hand for those moments when… I don’t as then I gain extra weight that I don’t need or want! 🙂

  2. My go to food is hummus on toast – smeared with either vegan butter or veganaise – topped with ground rock salt and ground pepper w/a big glass of cold water or a nice glass of wine. wine preferred but not always in our wine pantry LOL

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