Lenten Potato Sandwich with Oil-free Roasted Zucchini

So, I’ve learned it’s a good idea to have lots of baked potatoes around during Lenten periods. It’s easy to make a big batch, and you can use them in soups, sandwiches, or just on their own. Yesterday I used them to add fat to my sandwich.

It’s also easy to peel the skin off a baked potato once it’s cooled. I did that, then mashed the potato and added a little tahini to make it creamy and, of course, to provide the fat, and seasoned it with salt, pepper, a little onion powder, and a sprinkling of nutritional yeast.
I love this divided container for lunches. Along with the potatoes, I have sliced tomatoes and romaine, and hidden under the tomato slices are chunks of roasted zucchini. To prepare the zucchini, I cut it into large chunks, sprinkled it with salt, and baked at 425 until it was tender. Then I stuck it under the broiler until it began to brown. Oh, and you’ll want some pita bread.

And yes, that is the salt shaker I keep in my desk drawer at work.

Simply spread the potatoes onto the bread, add tomatoes…

add zucchini (or whatever you want)…

and a little romaine. You now have a perfectly Lenten, oil-free sandwich that’s nice and filling thanks to potatoes and tahini. Enjoy!

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