Dollar Store Finds: Snapps Crispy Green Bean Fries

I’m working my way through all the vegan stuff I found at Dollar Tree the other day. Tonight I tried…

Snapps Crispy Green Bean Fries! I am a big fan of fried foods. You just pop these babies in the oven at 450 for 4 – 5 minutes, flip them, and bake another 4 – 5 minutes. Easy. Well.

After 5 minutes on each side they still seemed soft, so I gave them another 5. And I noticed something else. There seems to be a little discrepancy between how the green bean fries look on the box…

and how they look in real life.

Just a little. On one hand, I was disappointed by the lack of breading. On the other hand, the breading had *very* little flavor so I didn’t feel like I was missing much. I dipped them in a dairy-free creamy Italian dressing, and they were pretty okay.

The portion is just enough for one person to have a snack (or side). I guess that’s fair for $1. And maybe for $1 they can’t afford to use more breading… But still, I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask for a little salt and pepper to be added.

0 thoughts on “Dollar Store Finds: Snapps Crispy Green Bean Fries

  1. Awww man. I just picked these up today. I was so excited. Now, not so much 🙁
    Only allergy info on box says contains wheat and soy. Produced in a facility that also processes mile and egg ingredients. ZERO nuts in ingredients or allergy info.

    • Wait, sorry – why the disappointment? Did you have an allergic reaction to something not listed in the allergy info?? If that’s the case, definitely contact the company, that is terrible!

      • Ha ha, no. They are still sitting in my freezer. You didn’t make them sound quite as tasty as I’m hoping they would be. I’m going to try them with ranch. Should I try frying them or just bake them ?

  2. These green beans are great! I just hope that the Dollar Tree doesn’t quit carrying them! I love the fact that they are lightly breaded. They taste baked rather than deep fried. They are low calorie, and they don’t taste like fast food, and there is also room to add your own seasoning depending on what kind of meal you’re serving. They do need to cook a little longer than the box suggests if you want them crisp. I always put the smaller beans in the middle and the larger ones at the edge to cook them evenly. They haven’t been available lately, and I think maybe they’re not as quite popular as other Snapps snacks because you can’t just zap them in the microwave. They require a little more finesse, but they’re definitely worth it.

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