Dollar Store Finds: Seven Layer Salad with Just Mayo & Bac'n Pieces

A couple weeks ago at our Sunday family dinner, Tete made Seven Layer Salad…and I was kind of jealous. I threw together a one-bowl recipe so I could be like my omnivorous counterparts 🙂 I didn’t realize there are so many variations on the seven layers, you can practically do whatever you want. Here’s my version:

Layer 1: Romaine Lettuce
Layer 2: Cucumber

Layer 3: Onions
Layer 4: Peas

Layer 5: Just Mayo (as much or as little as you want. Some salads I saw online were SWIMMING in mayo! A bit much for me!)

Layer 6: “Cheese” – I used Teese brand cheddar (I prefer Daiya)
Layer 7: Bac’n Pieces

I would’ve liked to have fried up a slice or two of Lightlife Vegetarian Bacon to mince and sprinkle on the salad, but since I was short on time the Bac’n Pieces were very handy. I hadn’t had a Seven Layer Salad in years, it made me feel like a teenager again 🙂 So I think that’s worth the $1 each I paid for an 8oz jar of Just Mayo and the, erm, however many ounces of Bac’n Pieces (although I question paying $4.50 for that little chunk of vegan cheese, but sometimes you just have to splurge). Thanks, Dollar Tree!!

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